Ladies, What We Should Do Today?


What should we do today?
1. Throw out, sell or donate everything you don’t need
2. Organize everything you do
3. Don’t consume what you don’t need.
4. Put your self before your work life, as often as you can.
5. Do something that makes you meditative.
6. Learn to turn daily chores into therapeutic practices… for example, bathing.
7. Start to build a commonplace book.
8. Incohesively journal.
9. Burn candles at night.
10. Replace your daily coffee/tea intake with hot water with lemon and honey.
11. Only pay in cash.
12. Recite quran
13. Stop interacting with people who aren’t positive influences in your life, and don’t apologize for doing so.
14. Cook your own dinner.
15. Observe what you unconsciously consume.
16. Ask yourself what kind of life you’d like to live, and base your other goals off of that idea.‍‍‍‍‍‍
17. Make much more realistic goals than you normally do. ️‍♀️
18. Find your ultimate joy in the simplicity of everyday life.‍♀️
19. Pay attention to what you seek. ️‍♀️
20. Develop a personal philosophy, and let it guide you through your daily life and decisions.
21. Stop trying to police yourself.
22. Stop believing that the way you perceive things is the way they actually are.



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